Maximum Aero & Unparalleled Comfort

The world's first universal aerobar with continuous, vertical, single-bolt stack adjust.

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Thousands of pages of wind tunnel data have given us the world’s most aerodynamic cockpit.

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Patented Tilt and Adjustability

Find the perfect fit for you. Whether tall and slender or short and husky, our micro-fit adjustments will give you the perfect ride.

Unparalleled Comfort

Scoops arm cups are designed to give you maximum comfort without sacrificing any aero

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"TriRig has created the greatest aerobar in history, far superior to anything that had come before it. Alpha One redefines an entire segment of the industry. It revolutionizes how I conduct bike fit and aero testing. It's both a work of art and engineering masterpiece. In a world full of hyperbole, it truly is a game-changer."

Jim Manton
Ero Sports

"TriRig has raised the bar in this category. But it’s also lowered the bar. And moved it fore and aft, in and out, and rotated it. That’s one virtue of the Alpha One: It’s superior adjustability, especially in how low the bar will go, while maintaining comfort and what appears to be leading edge – and trailing edge – aerodynamics."

Dan Empfield

"Throughout the season our bodies are constantly changing due to both increases in athleticism and the regular injuries that endurance athletes suffer. The Alpha One is the first cockpit we can recall that allows us to easily and simply change our fit to match our daily and weekly body needs."

Mike Longin